Session Format

Tuesday - League Practice Night

This session is only for higher intermediate and above players focused on league match practice

Wednesday- Social Friendly Night Session

Above beginners only

Thursday - Ladder Night

1- At 8:30 pm based on previous thursday match results players will be grouped into A, B, C & D.

Group A being top ranked players based on points and matches won from previous Thursday scores.

2- Each group will consist of maximum 5 or 6 players and play against each other (doubles) within that group

3- Top ranked player within group will get promoted to next level group and bottom ranked player will get demoted to below level group on next thursday session

4- Any absentees will move down a group.

5- Allocation of groups will be handled in transparent way by the session organisers

6- Implementation of ladder match night is on complete discretion of session organisers as there are several factors to be considered!. Best effort will be in place to inform all players if ladder night get cancelled!

Saturday- Coaching Session

Club facilities courts for the coaching session. Coaching sessions are handled by 2 qualified coaches

Sunday-Session(Seniors & Juniors)

We have a coach on sunday who takes care of mixing and matching players to keep the games competitve and friendly! In the absence of coach, session in-charge will mix & match players based on their abilities